About Company :

JioSh International was founded by tech-savvy entrepreneurs, Reason behind this is Providing World Class Solutions for all your URL Shortening and Short URL Management needs, Enjoy Free Plan Forever OR get our Paid Services with confidence, Pay 100% Securely in rupee, with any payment method like UPI, Mobile Wallets, Net Banking, Debit Card, & Credit Card. 

About name:

JioSh – The reason we chose this name for our Company is how it represents the value of our organization. We were very clear about our mission and objective from the beginning. Hence, we wanted it to reflect in the name of our company. It is very crucial to feel motivated and dedicated to your work every day. And keeping a name that brings together our beliefs in a small word helps us remember the importance of our work and its purpose. Therefore, we will break our organization’s name and let you know what morals each letter hides behind itself.

Meaning of every letter:

J – The first value starts from J, Joyful. We believe that a workplace or a work community should feel like home. And it is only possible if the employees spread a cheerful spirit amongst themselves. It increases productivity, and the results are more efficient.

– The second value is from I. I stand for Ideas. Any great start-up, company, or strategy starts with an idea. You can’t declare an idea weak if you do not work upon it and analyze its pros and cons. Hence, it is our responsibility to bring life to every notion.

O – The O is for Openness. We feel that every person working in the organization should feel the freedom to express their genuine opinion. The more suggestions and outlooks are there on the table, the better. It feels more refreshing!

– S means Superb. It reflects our attitude towards each other and our clients or customers. Your attitude can make or break things. No matter how qualifiable your product is, carrying the wrong attitude, you cannot stick to the market for the long run. Hence, have a superb attitude about your work and life.

– The last letter, H, is for Hope. Hope is something that drives every person to achieve something that seems impossible. It gives you a lot of encouragement to transform yourself into the best.

The reason behind the short name for our organization:

You might feel that the name of our company is very short as compared to other companies. People usually like to keep larger names for their firms. Some of the companies names are a construct of two words. However, we were sure of the one thing that the name of our company should not be about looking classy or upmarket. Our work needs to speak for itself. Hence, we went on with the name JioSh that not only bond our vision but also is a name that is easy to remember. We do not want our clients or customers to be struggling with remembering the name or its pronunciation. Whenever somebody needs to shorten their link, the first name we want to come to their mind is JioSh.



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