What is the history of shortening URLs?

What is the history of shortening URLs?


The first notable URL shortening service that came into the limelight was TinyURL. It was launched in 2002, and its popularity reached more people than they expected. They were an influence to the similar 100 websites that put their foot in the same business. Most of them were simply domain alternatives. In earlier days, Twitter actively took part by automatically translating twenty-six characters longer URLs using TinyURL. However, it began using bit.ly instead in 2009 and later developed its own URL shortening service, t.co.

In between that period, there were also some threats for using short links. It is because they were leading to scammy pages. There are people who felt the backlash when their private information got public because of trusting short links. This fear is still present in the audience, and the only way out of it is trust and awareness. Before you click any link, you need to trust the person or organization asking you to click it. Plus, be aware of what the content of that link is speaking to you. If it feels safe and secure, then you can go ahead with that link.

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