Beginner guide for the JioSh URL

Beginner guide for the JioSh URL


JioSh URL is an Indian website that provides the service of shortening the URL of your website. It is a one-stop solution for URL shortening issues, needs for short URL Management, optimizing links, etc. The more people realize the benefit of short URLs, the more they bend towards this service. Today, we will guide you on a lot of technical terms and their usage on your website. 

To shorten your website, you have to create your account in It is very simple to do. Fill in your basic details like email, password, username, and click on register. Once you do, they will send you a link that will activate your account in Then you have to log in to your account using your email and password. After that, you will see the blank space of entering the link, where you will enter your link. Once you do, tap on shortening the link. The website will shorten your link and present to you the new link. After you receive the short version of your link, you can have access to many advanced options like as follows:


1.Link Expiration: In this option, you can set up a date for your short link. After that date, the link will be expired. It means that the shortened URL will no longer be accessible. If you are shrinking your link for any offer or campaign for a certain period, you may need this facility. 

2.Password protect: Password protection is the service where not everyone who gets the link will have access to it. When you are shortening a link for a closed group, there is a risk that it may get spread and the wrong people get in touch with it. To protect that link, you can set a password on it. This option will only allow people to access the link if they know the password. 

3.Description: The shortened link does not explain the context of the link. Hence, some people may hesitate to click on that link. So it is advisable to add a little description of what this link will lead them to on the web. They might not click the link if they do not feel safe about it. Adding a description may take away their fear, and they may open your link. 

4.Targeting Pixels: Other than the above benefits, they have the option for you to target pixels from your list. However, you have to enable them in pixels settings as well.


These are some of the functions that are available in the procedure of the short link. You can also edit, delete, share, view stats, etc., at your convenience. Now let's talk about the other options that are present in the dashboard. 


1.Archived links - If you have created a short link that you may want to use later, you can archive it for a while. It will cut off your one task, plus it is ready for you whenever you need it. It is astonishing, right?

2.Expired links - The links that you have shortened and use are expired. You can set an expiry date for them, or you can choose not to expire them at all. It depends upon you. However, if you decide to expire them after a certain point, you can check the record in expired links. 

3.Bundles - You can create a bundle for better organization of your short links. For instance, you are running a campaign for which you need a lot of short links. So you can create a bundle under the name of that campaign and add the short links in that bundle. So when you want to analyze that campaign, all the short links specific to that event are in one place.  

4.Tracking Pixel - Many of you are not aware of what exactly tracking pixel is. Several ad platforms such as Facebook and Adwords provide a conversion tracking tool. You can gather data on your customers to know their behaviour on your website. By adding your pixel ID from either of the platforms, you will be able to optimize marketing simply by using short URLs. You can also use for tracking the pixels for your links. The pixel providers available with us are Google Tab Manager, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Quora, Adwords, and Adroll. Then you have to name the pixel for which you are shortening the links. It could be the same as the name of your campaign for your easy understanding. And lastly, you have to give the pixel tag with numerical or alphanumerical variables. It will help you see and analyze the response of your event for which you needed the services of


These were some of the functions that are available to everyone as it comes under the free version. You can start using and check out the standard of our service before using premium plans. These plans are monthly and yearly as well. Here we include services that you cannot enjoy on the free version. In the paid version, you will get assistance like device targeting, geotargeting, 100 custom splash pages, 100 custom overlay pages, etc. There are many more to mention. Let us explain some of these services. You will understand why it is more benefitting to have paid version for yourself.


1.Splash Page - A splash page is more like a welcome screen for your website. And you will have access to 100 custom splash pages. Putting engaging content and relevant information on it will surely improve the traffic of your website.  

2.Overlay Page - It is graphical content that comes in the middle of your web page. It will distract your customers from something that might excite them to join your campaign. You can use this opportunity to present why they should join this event and be a part of your family.


3.Miscellaneous - There are many other options like generating QR, using the team, using tools, etc., that will uplift your website better than your imagination. You can check out the upgrade section of the and realize what will suit you the best for your business requirements.

Register yourself at JioSH URL and enjoy your Marketing, enjoy work on JioSh.